INFO - memory leaks

From: Tom Dailey (tomd96@AIRMAIL.NET)
Date: 08/13/97

> Hello everyone!
> We at Zombie have been fortunate enough to get a copy of Insure++, a
> memory leak program written by Parasoft corp.
> If you've never seen this software, go to and check it
> out.
> The way it works is pretty simple.  You change the CC = gcc line to CC =
> insight, running the code through Insure's compiler.  Then the program
> inserts code directly into the binary to test each and every function as
> it's called during runtime.
> I decided to do a test run on a clean version of bpl11, since our mud is
> too modified and it wouldn't be fair.  Well, the initial
> run had a few parser errors, and tons of redeclaration errors due to
> sysdep.h.  The benefit of the program truely comes when
> you run the executeable.  I couldn't get past the loading of the text
> (help files etc..) because of a memory leak
> in utils.c.  I can't imagine what's going to happen when I actually have
> people playing the game, killing mobs, picking up objects, etc..
> I'll post any and all errors I come across (I'm at work right now and
> have the exact utils.c line number..sorry).
> If you're a professional coder, or someone who regards memory leaks as a
> serious problem, check out the program, it's a must.  I realize this
> like an ad for the company, but what I wanted to accomplish was to help
> anyone out who might be having memory problems.
> btw...If anyone wants me to run this on their src, please email me.  And
> please do not think I need your code.  Come by Zombie to see what I mean.
> We're just too damned modified to even think of inserting other ppls
> (and why would I want to?? ;)  ).
> Good luck,
> Tom Dailey
> Gore - Implementor
> Zombie_MUD_USA
> 2150

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