From: Yolan (ajacks01@MAIL.COIN.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 08/13/97

Hi. This is my first message on the mailing list so I wish it luck.

I am having problems with Circle3.0 bp11. I add on to it like Oasis OLC
or download a full package of addons for circle and after I compile the
program the exe is formed, But when I run the program nothing appears to
happen. For example I download a patch that has OasisOLC on it and
compile the program. Then I run the program and log in as myself. I then
try a command included in the patch, like OLC, I get an error back that
you would get if you had an unmodified version of CircleMUD 3.0bp11. I
am using the Windows 95/NT version of circle but I have access to a unix
system via telnet and ftp. If anyone could help I have been on many muds
and asked immortals for help and nothing has worked.


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