Re: Linux

From: Joshua Mentzer (mentzer@TEXAS.NET)
Date: 08/13/97

Yolan wrote:

> As I said earlier I was having trouble with Circle MUD on NT/95.
> I am wondering if it would be easier and better if I tried linux. I
> have
> figured out that most immortals that I know do not have windows
> (atleast
> for CircleMUD) Thanks,
> Yolan

    I personally don't know of anyone that runs a mud from Win95/NT, but
recently I took a clean Circle 3.0 p11 and compiled on my Win system
just to take a look, and it compiled and ran fine. I imagine after
getting something to work in its initial stages, it is just a matter of
personal preference. I would rather run a system off of a unix based


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