From: Robert Sinland (rsinland@ERSKINE.POLARISTEL.NET)
Date: 08/13/97

Asking for opinions on what things are most likly to trash pfiles, the
binary ones. In the past it used to happen to us occasionally when an
IMM had on some super-powerfull EQ and his/her stats would "roll-over"
Tonight was I wan not on the mud, two player became level IMP and aslo
had illegle sexes to boot.  Couldn't fix them via set (crashed as soon
as you did a "who" or a "stat".  So I did a pwipe.  Within minutes same
thing again.  Removed the player object files, did another pwipe and all
seems well at the moment.  Only other unusual circumstanc is that on
both occasions were were getting a spam of refused connections from a
sitebanned site.

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