Re: autoquest code

From: Crimson Wizard (cwizard@GIBLETS.COM)
Date: 08/15/97

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Snow Man wrote:

> Hello ..
>  I have added the autoquest code for the circlemud that was posted on
> the list a while back.. yet I can not get it to work... I have added all
> there is plus! I goto type medit (mob number) and I goto the mob_flags
> and MOB_QUESTMASTER and MOB_QUEST arent on the list yet there in the
> code.. the code compiles fine...
> can anyone help.. also I would like information on those who have used
> it...
> thanks

Just check to make sure those two flags where added to structs.h, then go
into constants.c and make sure they are in the appropriate place there
to, THEN go to olc.h and make sure the # of flags for mobs got changed to
whatever it was + 2, after you check those 3 things, try it again.

whois|grep YEA2|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'|cut -c1
whois tm920|grep TM920|awk '{print $4}'|cut -d@ -f1

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