Re: MOBProgs - mobcommands not working

Date: 08/15/97

IOPA wrote:
> Hello all.
>         I was trying to add an mpset to the mobcommands today, and while trying to test
> it i noticed that the other mobcommands, such as mpecho, mpoload, mpkill, etc, do not
> work either.  They are defined in the top portion of the interpreter with the other
> ACMDs...  I even tried adding a line to the master command list like:
>   { "mpset"    , "mpset"        , POS_DEAD    , do_mpset    , LVL_IMMORT, 0 },

    { "mp(whatever,"mpwhatever"   , POS_DEAD    , do_mpwhatever, 0, 0},

The mp commands need to be added to the master command list as such, without the lvl
restrict because most of them (slap the shit out of serapi) already have lines of code
restricting PC use.  My mpset didn't however, but does now.  In case youre wondering why
I even needed mpset to start with, I'm using it for remort, and it works too.  Sorry
about the list spam, I jumped the gun too soon.  Mpset is a very cool addition to
mobprogs and only has a few limitations from it's set counterpart.  Since the snippet is
incredibly long, I won't post it to the list, but if you'd like it, send me a private
email and I'll send it to you.

> -Serapi-Serapi

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