MOBProgs - mobcommands not working

Date: 08/15/97

Hello all.
        I was trying to add an mpset to the mobcommands today, and while trying to test
it i noticed that the other mobcommands, such as mpecho, mpoload, mpkill, etc, do not
work either.  They are defined in the top portion of the interpreter with the other
ACMDs...  I even tried adding a line to the master command list like:

  { "mpset"    , "mpset"        , POS_DEAD    , do_mpset    , LVL_IMMORT, 0 },

and while immortals can now perform the commands, the mob that was set to do so does
not.  Can anyone tell me what I missing or doing wrong?  Perhaps somewhere else i need
to define those mpcommands?

(fyi, i also tryed setting the mobile's level to imm...)


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