Re: bpl12 Suggestions

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 08/17/97

> >SP #4
> >        - Loaded objects appear in inventory, not ground
> Seems just as inconvenient to have it load into your inventory if
> you're loading for someone else..
With this one, it's probably better to load into the inventory for
'security' reasons.  The way we do it on VieMud is to load it into
the inventory unless it is a NOTAKE item.  Then it goes straight onto
the ground.  The main reason for doing it this way is because of the
whole 'stupid player' situation.  A large number of players will go
out and grab anything they can, regardless of consequences, just because
they are able to.  Something about abusing any holes possible.
Unfortunately, sometimes, you just don't notice either.

> >Board message order reversed so newest is at top.
> I did this a few patchlevels ago but there were so many complaints
> that I changed it back.
I think that an option for this one would be the best way to go.  After
all, if I recall correctly, all the code for both is in anyways.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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