Re: [CODE] Oasis Fixes

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 08/17/97

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Naldarn_Tromus wrote:

>I medit 1299, which I know to me an empty mob, I then change the sex of
>the mob, or I can change anything in the mob, then use Q or q to quit.  I
>then answer y to save the mob internally, and I get a no fail crash.
>I have gone straight from stock code to start, added the olc.pre#8-stk
>patch, and poof, instant crash.  Come to find out, I cannot save any new
>objects as well as mobs, but new objs say they are saved.
>Thanks in advance for any/all help.

You mean when you 'oedit save' they aren't written to disk?

In the medit save, I'll work on it some more and what I can find.

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