Re: [Legal -again-] Contributions

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 08/17/97

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Brian Williams - Nashak wrote:

-+I just have to ask this.. What if someone comes on your MUD, gets to know
-+you, and you start dying of cancer, could they donate money to a charity
-+or something? It is after all because of your CircleMUD, but it isn't
-+monetary gain, and it has nothing to do with your mud besides thats how
-+the person knows you.. ???? Da' Confused One X----X

That'd be a donation because you have cancer.  A donation because you have
a CircleMUD really doesn't accurately depict the thought.  In other words,
if someone makes a donation to you for your CircleMUD.  Though even that
doesn't quite capture what is meant.  The license says it best if you
understand what it's saying.

Daniel Koepke -:- -:-  [Shadowlord/Nether]

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