Re: [CODE] Followup: Spec Procs

From: Ron Hensley (ron@CROSS.DMV.COM)
Date: 08/17/97

Those who tried to help with my 'repair' command where i couldnt get any
arguments passed to the SPECIAL

After 3 days of tracing code from start to stop, and being stumped, and
now almost bald from pulling hair ....

Turns out that the mob that I assigned the code to , was one a builder
had defined in sedit as a shopkeeper long ago for a shop that never was

So the reason my SPECIAL got passed nothing but the command, no
arguments, is that it was getting called after the SPECIAL(shop_keeper)

And I guess the shopkeeper code, someplace, mangles argument

Put on a different mob, and all works as should .. *sigh*

What a wasted 3 days

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