Re: [CODE] spec procs

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

>SPECIAL(weapons_repair) {
>  char buf3[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];
>  skip_spaces(&argument);
>  if (CMD_IS("repair")) {
>   two_arguments(argument,buf,buf2);
>   sprintf(buf3,"\r\nArg1:%s, Arg2:%s\r\n",buf,buf2);
>   send_to_char(buf3,ch);
>  }
>  return FALSE;
>This is simplistic as I could make a SPECIAL
>As i said in an earlier post, repair is listed as do_not_here in
>interpreter. This special is assigned to a mob in spec_assign.c
>When I walk in the room and type:
>  repair sword
>I see:
>  Arg1:repair Arg2:

Hrm, what is argument when this special first gets it?  "repair" shouldn't even
be in there, it's already been stripped off and put in the command variable, for
the CMD_IS check.  Perhaps you should step thru in gdb and see what it's doing
to the variables with each function.


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