[CODE] spec procs

From: Ron Hensley (ron@CROSS.DMV.COM)
Date: 08/15/97


Well i feel stupid as i know this ones been overhashed, and ive made
plenty of spec procs myself. But I cant seem to get down the arguements
passed to a mob procedure.

This is not the function, just a skeleton showing debug code to see and
verify what im getting passed.

player would type:
  repair sword

Ive got the repair command in interpreter as
  { "repair"    , "repa", POS_STANDING, do_not_here , 0, 0 },
as its only a command before a weaponsmith in his shop.

SPECIAL(weapons_repair) {

  if (CMD_IS("repair")) {
    argument = one_argument(argument,buf);
    argument = one_argument(argument,buf2);

  return TRUE;

This special in in spec_procs.c and is assigned to a mobile in

When invoked I send the unaltered argument as sent to the function, a
carraige return, then the first word of 'argument' stored in buf, then
the second word from argument, stored in buf2

here is what I get when i type:
  repair sword


argument alone is only repair, and buf after parsing with one argument is
repair. Nothing at all spit out by buf2

Where did my 'sword' go????

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