Re: [CODE] spec procs

From: Ron Hensley (ron@CROSS.DMV.COM)
Date: 08/15/97

SPECIAL(weapons_repair) {
  char buf3[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];


  if (CMD_IS("repair")) {
   sprintf(buf3,"\r\nArg1:%s, Arg2:%s\r\n",buf,buf2);
  return FALSE;

This is simplistic as I could make a SPECIAL

As i said in an earlier post, repair is listed as do_not_here in
interpreter. This special is assigned to a mob in spec_assign.c

When I walk in the room and type:
  repair sword

I see:
  Arg1:repair Arg2:

And nothing else.... Its driving me nuts here, why just this one function
doesnt seem to get passed arguments. Is there anything else where its
called from, mobact.c it seems, that would affedt what gets passed?

Anyone run into this before and see what im doing wrong..

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