Re: [Legal -again-] Contributions

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

>       Useless bits snipped  - whoops. thats everything.       <

        Shut the hell up. Please.


        Just recently got the D&D core rules cdrom, and found a rather
interesting function there - create random treasure.  To those of you who
have memorized the dungeon masters guide miscelaneous magic table, some of
the entries might look a bit familliar - with a twist.  For instance,
select bows, and maybe you'll get a Bow +1, +3 vs Giants, and right below
the vital stats you get a description of the following sort:

        This bow is cast from some dark, oily wood.  The grip and guard
are formed from some unknown fur, bound to the bow by rawhide ties. Though
the bow is battle-scarred, it looks strong and dependable.

        Of course, it dosen't bring up this description for every bow - it
changes everything from the wood, to the grip, to the string, condition,
engravings, end caps, etc.  And it does this sort of thing for every item
it creates.
        This is a primo example of enhancing role playing.  Add on a
little randomizing for the actual stats (like not just 1-16 damage, but
maybe 3-12 one time, or 5-18 the next...), and you have a unique item
every time.  I believe this has been discussed a little before, although
not quite in this style.  Before I go ahead and drop this in, does
anythign like this already exist somewhere?  I've just a little bit more
to add a "random" flag for items so that they'll have odd stats, but have
yet to tackle the neat description bit.


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