Ol Booring Level Stuff (please Help)

From: Uffe (ulfs@MERCURY-1.HKR.SE)
Date: 08/18/97

Howdy Fellas !!

Long time no lamer in the Channel (Me)

Well i have the mose peculiar problem !

I have added level all accourding to the Levels.doc
But no there is one wierd problem
i can adv all i want and how i want UNDER the god levels
i have added so i now have 54 levels (50 mortal and 4 Gods)

54 implementor
53 Grgod
52 god
51 immortal
50 Nothein special (intended to be an Hero level)
                        Cause noone shall be able to level up to be god

Anyhow when I advance a player to 50 ie:
adv [player] 50
somehow it makes the player level 54
But i cant advance a pler to level 51,52,53,54
only level 50 and then it sets 54 ?!?!

i have added the stuff in thac0
and added levels !
and also changed the LVL_* things !

but there is one thing in the class.c file i wonder abuout
the formula is [classes]?[levels IMPL +1]

You know the ZERO level plus 54 more levels
but i have teh zero level plus 54
and if i add one more the computer starts talking about Exxecs ?? something
(guess it is because it is out of range)

Have anyone of you ever had a problem like this before ?!?!

Please Help Me!

Zordag          (Wonna have his mud up for public soon) (sob)
Shades Of Life


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