Re[2]: Suggestions for bpl12

Date: 08/18/97

Quote ------>
> >    Then continue on with the rest of the code.
> >    Would get rid of a lot of infinite loops resulting from a char being in
> >    more than one room at a time. I know that the coders for Circle can
> >    easily do this themselves, but it would save a step :)

What I mean is that when a player is in two rooms at once, and types in
any command, it locks the mud up into a loop it can't get out of. I have
to do kill -9 to force-crash the mud.
     <------ Quote

     How in the bloody hell do you manage to get a player in 2 rooms at
     once? :)  pointed to by two different people's next_inroom pointers?
     You are using char_from_room() and char_to_room() for all your person
     movement needs? right?


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