Re: [Legal -again-] Contributions

From: Joshua Mentzer (mentzer@TEXAS.NET)
Date: 08/18/97

Jeremy Elson wrote:

> Frankly, I have trouble buying the argument that the right to donate
> money to someone is a basic human right, and the license is therefore
> invalid by virtue of the fact that it attempts to curtail that right.
> The President isn't allowed to accept more than a certain number of
> dollars in donations to his campaign; does anyone think this is a
> violation of the rights of the donators?
> -Jeremy

  Much donation type of law has its roots in your example, contributions
to campaigns, presidential or otherwise. Though the idea is tossed
around to stop such contributions, switching to a system more equal,
like giving equal amounts to candidates with funds taken from a tax, I
doubt it will ever be done because opposers to such plans say it is in
violation of first ammendment rights. The compromise is limiting such
  Though, I can't see how that argument can really be applied to an
implementor of a mud, since they are not exactly going to be running a
country or anything. :)


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