[code] grenades

From: Scott Warren (dswarren@MAIL.CLT.BELLSOUTH.NET)
Date: 08/19/97

Hi all,

        Anyone that wants a copy of my grenades code send me email. Note: I
never liked EXP based muds (after the first one I played that is) so like
the ranged weapons code I put on the ftp site, this stuff has no code for
handing out experience.
        I can't remember if the do_throw is with the ranged weapons code or
not so I'll include it with what I send.
        Basically, you create grenades with a timer in value[0] of the
object and you can create an alternate explosion text in the action
description of the object (differentiate between A-bombs and bottle
rockets). Users just 'hold grenade', 'pull pin' and 'throw <target>
        I'd like some feedback as to what is missing, incomplete
instructions, etc. before I post to it to the circle ftp site.

Happy mudding!
Scott Warren

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