Re: 128-bit code

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 08/20/97

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Robert A. Hayden wrote:

> This evening, I'm going to try putting in the 128-bit code snippets.  It
> looks a little daunting when you start reading it, so I thought I'd
> quickly post up here and ask if there are any pitfalls or things I should
> be aware of before I plug it in.

If you haven't patched in an OLC and are planning on it, then I'd suggest
doing the patching first. Actually... If you plan on adding in any large
patches that you don't want to do by hand, then do them before changing
over to the 128 bit code.

If you have already added an OLC, then you will need to manually change
the OLC to fit the SET_BIT_AR, IS_BIT_AR, etc... It's not that hard, just
time consuming.

If I remember right, I added in the 128 bit code changes and it took
about 10 hours for that, and another 10 for doing the OLC, and another 10
for fully testing it.

IMHO, it was a GREAT investment in time, energy, and caffine. :)

(PS: There are several 128 bit codes out there. I went with the one by
Niese-Petersen <> that can be found on the web page and (I
think) FTP site.

John Evans

I don't suffer from Insanity!  I enjoy every minute of it!

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