Re: Autoeq on a win '95 machine

From: Serapi (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 08/21/97

Toxic Twin wrote:
> Well guys I found out my problem with oasis and fixed that, added
> mobprogs and easy Im stuck on the Autoeq code.  Since im on
> a win 95 mchine I have to edit and patch the code manually.  Now I
> patched autoeq into my mud and the compilation goes just fine, however
> the objects dont save in the right fact they dont even
> stay with the character.  Its like when someone quits and the game drops
> all their eq.  Any idea what I may have done or not done that could be
> causing this?  (Im using circle 3.0.11.  Thanks.

Have you made rent free in config.c?


 * Should the MUD allow you to 'rent' for free?  (i.e. if you just quit,
 * your objects are saved at no cost, as in Merc-type MUDs.)
int free_rent = YES;  /* here */


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