Re: [COMPILING] Weird Compiling error. from "Stephen Arnold" at Aug 22, 97 07:51:43 am

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 08/22/97

> #ifndef htonl
>    u_long htonl();
> #endif
> #ifndef ntohl
>    u_long ntohl();
> #endif
> u_int32m_t      htonl __P((u_int32m_t));
> u_int32m_t      ntohl __P((u_int32m_t));
>         SO, Can I remove the declaration in comm.h or is where it is
> declared in endian.h not the way its supposed to be? Anyone got any
> advice? Thanx

That's an odd problem. Try moving the lines in comm.c that read:

#include <arpa/telnet.h>
#include "telnet.h"

to before the lines that read:
#include "structs.h"
#include "utils.h"
#include "comm.h"

If that doesn't work, then just delete the defines in comm.h

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