Re: killing same mobs EXP gain limitation

From: d. hall (dhall@APK.NET)
Date: 08/25/97

+// thus on Mon, 25 Aug 1997 12:56:20 -0400, Hans virtually wrote:

>> I believe that on Arctic they don't keep track of how many times each
>> player has killed a specific mob, only how many times has the mob been
>> killed in x amount of time. So if 10 different people kill the same mob
>> repeatedly in a short period of time, they will all get less and less,
>> and if some poor sap comes along a few minutes later after the others
>> have left, he will get virtually no exp too. Someone correct me if I am
>> wrong :) (certainly, that would be much easier to implement...)

Hans> As I recall, it was kept track of for each character. I seem to
Hans> recall being in an area, watching the exp drop, when a friend showed
Hans> up and told me he was getting full exp to start with.  However I do
Hans> believe there was a limited memory, as the trick to restoring mobs to
Hans> full exp was to go out and kill a number of different mobs. The new
Hans> kills would apparently push the old mobs off the list.  I think
Hans> Arctic only had 10 to 20 slots in the list.

Arctic's system, it is saved to the player file.  There are 100 slots.  It
is saved as an int and a char, the char is the number of times that mobile
has been killed.  The int is the mobile's vnum.  Whenever you kill
something it is put to the top of the list or placed on the top of list.
Kill enough creatures and it gets bumped off.  You can also "rollover" a
mobile's vnum by killing the same creature over and over again.


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