killing same mobs EXP gain limitation

From: Andrey Fidrya (andrey@ALEX-UA.COM)
Date: 08/25/97

Has anyone implemented EXP limitations for killing same mobs over and
over again?
The idea is:
When player kills mob first time, he gets full XP.
When he kill same mob more and more, he gets less and less XP.
If he killed same mob for over 100 times, he gets no XP at all.
If he stops killing same mob for a while and killed 20-40 other mobs,
he can kill first mob for full XP again.
I saw this system on ArcticMUD ( and it works great!

Anyone have any ideas about implementing that system?
If you just keep an array with mobs and number_of_kills per each mob,
playerbase will become ~10 kb larger per each player. :(

  Andrey (      Kiev, Ukraine, Europe
    aka Zmey//RMUD (Russian MUD project)

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