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From: Ron Hensley (ron@CROSS.DMV.COM)
Date: 08/25/97

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Chris Grantham wrote:

> other (ala
> Intermud). The Client-Server route might work, where one of the nodes
> passes all input on to the server and receives and distributes the
> output out to all of the connected sockets. Cons: Unless the
> Trans-Atlantic was reallyreallyfast(tm), it'd be just as bad, or worse.
> Peer-Peer: Where each mud does it's own local stuff like fighting and
> rent, and tells the other what's going on. Now with Cross-Server groups
> this could get hairy really fast as we'd be constantly updating each
> other and the lag could get just as bad.

Have a look at MUME ( 4242)
What they have is a system where the MUD isself is in Scandanavia or some
place like that. They ran into the same problem of lag, and also network
traffic too high at their server, school network, due to the 100-300
people logged into the mud.

So what they did was place like a dozen servers all over the world.
Player chooses that which is closest to them to use.

This remote server, then connects the player to the actual MUD, using UDP
instead of TCP. While no error echecking in UDP, so more erratic, UDP is
MUCH faster, less lag, and much less workload on the server itself.

Each remote server limits how many people can connect through it, 20-30
or so. If lag is ever found, simply changing remote servers generally
gets you a better connection, skipping whatever internet BOGG the one may
have been going to.

How they implemented it? Got me... it is indeed a DIKU based mud
originally however

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