[CODE] Oasis direction descriptions

From: David Kasprzyk (djk@NB.NET)
Date: 08/25/97

Ok here's the question. Where at in the OasisOLC code do I need to start
looking, in order to get the room editor to display a -1 and save that
-1 to disk for the exit to field when I only want to enter a description
for when you look in a direction. As it is right now if I enter a -1 and
save the room internally it will set a description without setting the
exit to 0 (the void) although it still displays a 0 as the exit to
value. However, when I save the world file it changes all rooms in that
world file that have a discription attached to a direction with a value
of -1 to 0.

Thanks for any help offered.

  David J Kasprzyk

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