Re: [CODE] Oasis direction descriptions

From: Søren Peter Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 08/26/97

George wrote:
> You can explicitly set the exit number to -1, you don't want it to be 0.
> The code I looked over doesn't change anything to 0 from -1.
Actually, I whacked this one a bit, since I didn't like people to be
able to ending up in the void (Room 0), I changed the check so that it
if the Exit leads to either 0 or -1 it will give the same description as
if there was no exit. This gave me the posibillity to add Exit

Later I changed it so that OLC changes the 0 to -1 when writing (Can't
remember how much else I did in that case, was a major overhaul)..

Kept the 0 exit check though, Don't like people to end up in voids.. :)


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