Re: Circle Skill

From: Serapi (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 08/26/97

Robert Sinland wrote:
> Some of my players have been asking for the skill Circle.  My
> understanding is that it's some thief skill.
> I don't seem to be having any luck searching the archives tonight, so I
> was wondering if anyone that knew of it, or had impped it could explain
> it in more detail.  I'm pretty sure I could code it myself with a better
> understanding of what it's supposed to do :)
> Thanks,
> RS

Snipped from a Diku MUD I used to play.

Usage      : circle <monster>
Level/Class: 10th Thief

Circle allows you to perform a half strength backstab while a mobile is engaged
in combat.  For circle to work the mobile cannot be directly attacking you.
The mobiles attack will switch to you after the circle.  Circle carries
a three round battle lag following its usage.

See also:  BACKSTAB

It's a pretty cool skill, I'm planning to add it to my own MUD.  Hope this helps.


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