Re: [Suggestion] BPL 12 -Skills-

From: Rasdan (rasdan@PEAK.ORG)
Date: 08/26/97

> I was thinking.. maybe we could make all the skills run thru the
> same command, much like the 'cast' spell.
> A skill entry could look like this: (in the command list)
>  { "bash",   POS_FIGHTING,     do_skill,  0, SKILL_BASH },

I do the same thing, only on a much greater scale. Basically, I tore out
do_cast, got rid of all the skills, and wrote a new function called
parse_skill, which happens BEFORE any parsing occurs on the main command

I got rid of the spell structure, since I figured it was a little bloated
and made a new skill structure, of which all spells use.

I use one variable for parsing targets and routines, and other stuff like

Then I made this information for each skill read in from a file (a
different file for each skill) on bootup via an index file.

Then get rid of the char *spells[] array since it's no longer needed and
modify all relevant functions that use it.

It's a lot faster, more efficient, and saves a lot of time when adding
skills. Just make all skills use the relevant mag_ functions, since they
will work for skills just fine.

And lastly, I then made an OLC so that I could edit and create skills
on-line. Only entry to code needed is the skill define and the relevant
entry in whatever mag_function you need.

I know I didn't say much specific, but if you know what you're doing, you
should be able to code off of what little I've said :)


p.s. It's quite an undertaking, I wouldn't recommend it for just anyone
to try unless you are VERY familiar with Circle code.

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