Re: [Code] Remort

From: Serapi (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 08/27/97

Uffe Svanstrom wrote:
> we have been working on some remort to but we never got it through anyone
> has any good ideas how to code a good remort system ?
> we also run our mud with classes ?!
> /Uffe

        Well I got remort working, but it's a little different than most.  However I
think that you could probably work yours the same way, with some small modifications.
What I did was patched in MOBprogs, and added mpset to it.  Mpset is mostly the "set"
wizard command with a couple of modifications, and limitations.  My remort system is a
guild progression of sorts, ie you work your way thru the first ring of you guild
(example class: warrior), and at level 30 you find your second ring guildmaster thru
literature hidden in the mud, speak a keyword or do a specific action, and the mob uses
mpset to set you to the next class in the progression (example class: Knight).  I do
three rings for each guild, but you certainly can do it anyway you like.  Mpset also
allows mobiles to set level and other goodies, so it's nice even if you don't like
remort.  That DOES work for remort though, so it's an idea.

        If you need help with mpset, send me a private email and we'll go from there.


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