[Code] Remort

From: Serapi (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 08/25/97

Hi all.
        I've been fiddling with remort for some time now, more specifically a 3 ring
guild progression.  I.e., a level 30 warrior trots to a certain mob, and the mob sets
his class to Knight and his level to 1 (in this way the player doesnt lose present
stats).  I added mpset to mobprogs to do this...
        Thing is, this way requires me to make 2 new first ring classes, and 12 new
second and third ring classes.  I imagine most of you have added classes to your muds,
and while it's not terribly difficult, it's incredibly time consuming.  So my question
to the list:  can you think of another way of going about this?  Maybe some tips to save
some time and space here and there?  Thanks,


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