Re: [Code] Remort

From: Robert A. Hayden (rhayden@ORION.MEANS.NET)
Date: 08/27/97

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, Uffe Svanstrom wrote:

> we have been working on some remort to but we never got it through anyone
> has any good ideas how to code a good remort system ?
> we also run our mud with classes ?!

What we are going to do is essentially design a "hero" class.  When a
mortal reaches 50th level, they go see a mob who bestows "Hero" status on
them, basicly changing their class to hero, level to 1, and experience to
0.  They then start progressing as the new class (which has much steeper
XP requirements, in exchange for getting a lot of spells and skills from
all the classes).  This also lets them keep their HP and skills from their
previous class.

Not a great solution, but functional.

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