From: Bode, Wyatt (wjbode@BEMIS.COM)
Date: 08/28/97

    Thanks for the help.  I think I declared some of the member
functions wrong in my template class, and it wasn't really compiling the
code for them or something like that.

    Anyway, I was trying to get a handle on templates so I could try and
port Circle to C++.  Does anyone have some helpful hints on how to
tackle it?  I know that several others on the list are doing the same,
so why not share the wealth?  I was going to use the LinkedList template
to keep track of all the various data classes but not have to mess
around with multiple inheritance.  Has anyone sat down with structs.h
and made a roadmap of all the data structs?  I've looked through it
myself, but some of the fields are still unclear as to their purpose.

OK, I'm done rambling.  If anyone has any constructive hints, please let
me know.  Once again, thanks for the help.  This list is really a great
resource for Circle coders.  Later!
        -- Wyatt Bode

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