Re: Port Changing

From: David Kasprzyk (djk@NB.NET)
Date: 08/28/97

Yolan wrote:
> Okay here is the the deal. I have been through all of the coding that I
> know of that is required to change the port in Circle. I have even
> uploaded it. Now it is giving me an old port. Does anyone have any idea
> what is going wrong? Also what is the text editor in linux?
> Yolan
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From running.doc

3.2.  Command-Line Options


The syntax is:

circle [-m] [-q] [-r] [-s] [-d <path>] [<port #>]


Port selection.  Allows you to choose on which port the game is to
listen for connections.  The default port is 4000, which is historically
the port used by most DikuMUDs.  You can change default in config.c and
the PORT= line of the autorun script.  (The PORT= line of config.c
simply passes the value as a command-line parameter to circle.)  The
port specified on the command line or by the autorun script will take
precedence over the port specified in config.c.


Here is another option. Are you sure the port you want to use is free?

To answer your Linux editor question. I do believe the base line editor
on most linux distributions is the VI editor. There is also VIM and
EMACS which has a CC-mode which helps in C programing.

Good luck.

  David J Kasprzyk

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