Bug in Medit/ Zedit?

From: Serapi (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 08/28/97

Hello all.
        I had noticed a bug in zedit a while back working on a different mud, I'm
wondering if someone could shed some light on this.  It seems that mobs with similar
names/aliases in nearly numericly ajacent zones somehow get mixed up.  Usually it just
replaces the mobile in the zedit file, but take this case for instance.

One of my builders was working on their zone, and created a wizard.  Now the zone number
for this is 20, the mob vnum is 2006.  I had deleted most of the stock zones with the
exception of midgaard and a couple others.  When the builder loaded the wizard into a
zedit file, it loaded to that room, but also replaced the wizard in the midgaard magic
shop.  In this case it actually deleted the normal wizard of that shop.  Now thats not a
big deal because I didn't plan on keeping Midgaard anyway, but I certainly don't want it
to happen again.

        Anyone experience and perhaps even know a way to fix this bug?

Thanks in advance,

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