Re: Bug in Medit/ Zedit?

From: David Eliott (ravemaniac@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/29/97

>Hello all.
>        I had noticed a bug in zedit a while back working on a
different mud, I'm
>wondering if someone could shed some light on this.  It seems that mobs
with similar
>names/aliases in nearly numericly ajacent zones somehow get mixed up.
Usually it just
>replaces the mobile in the zedit file, but take this case for instance.
>One of my builders was working on their zone, and created a wizard.
Now the zone number
>for this is 20, the mob vnum is 2006.  I had deleted most of the stock
zones with the
>exception of midgaard and a couple others.  When the builder loaded the
wizard into a
>zedit file, it loaded to that room, but also replaced the wizard in the
midgaard magic
>shop.  In this case it actually deleted the normal wizard of that shop.
Now thats not a
>big deal because I didn't plan on keeping Midgaard anyway, but I
certainly don't want it
>to happen again.
>        Anyone experience and perhaps even know a way to fix this bug?

Well, I get that sometimes, but on a much larger scale, It will mix up
Guild Guards and Bakers!! I dont know how to fix it, I posted on the
mailing list, but noone really replied... If YOU find a fix for this,
please email me, it will save my brain!

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