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From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 08/30/97

On Friday, August 29, 1997 8:46 PM, Chris Grantham
[SMTP:casper@OPTIMA.MME.WSU.EDU] wrote:
> Greetings all,
> My name's Chris, I'm the Head Coder at EarthMUD
> (

<snip add for staff>

Normally I don't really read these.. but for some reason I ended up at the
ObCircle :-)

> ObCircle:
> I'm currently working on an Air Travel system for the Mud, I was


Do you have a method for people to shoot down your airplanes? Do
players have any control over the flight?

BTW: What is it called when a forward observer asks for his artillery
to fire upon spot X? I've been looking for the term all over the place
and I can't seem to sift it out on a search engine either.

> wondering is there a stock function out there to automatically close and
> lock doors (Ie.. shut the airplane so no one stowsaway) after say.. 1
> tick?

Not sure what you mean about the 'after 1 tick'. Do you want to open
the doors, then have them auto-close 1 minute after opening?

If I were to do that, I would create a system to allow it to function
in other areas.. something like so: (assuming a scripting
language is in use.)

Commands: DELAY xx <cmd>              - Do something a while later.
                   SHUTDOORS [vnum] [direction]

You can get DELAY from the event code on the ftp site. I started
with that and have since added quite a few new event systems
to the code. They are very useful for all sorts of things. Some
examples might be: Movement/Blood Trails, better timed object
management, event based player saves, mob movement
zone resets and things like grenades and area affets.

Then when the mob gives them their ticket or whatever have it
put a reminder to itself to SHUTDOORS in 60 seconds.

Of course the obvious next step is OPENDOORS [vnum] [direction]

I may just do that.. might come in handy for a few things :-)

As to the actual opening/closing of the door, this ought to work.
(mailer-code that compiles for me.. haven't actually executed it)

int seal_door(int room_vnum, int direction) {

   struct room_data *room, *other_side= NULL;

   int rnum;
   int bad_call=0;

   if (room_vnum<0)
   else {
      rnum = real_room(room_vnum);
      if (rnum == NOWHERE)
         room = &world[rnum];
      if (room && room->dir_option[direction])
         if (!IS_SET(room->dir_option[direction]->exit_info, EX_ISDOOR))
         else {
           SET_BIT(room->dir_option[direction]->exit_info, EX_CLOSED);
           if (room->dir_option[direction]->key >0)
               SET_BIT(room->dir_option[direction]->exit_info, EX_LOCKED);
           if (room->dir_option[direction]->to_room >0 )  {
              other_side = &world[room->dir_option[direction]->to_room];
             if (IS_SET(other_side->dir_option[direction]->exit_info,
                SET_BIT(room->dir_option[direction]->exit_info, EX_CLOSED);
                if (other_side->dir_option[direction]->key >0)
   if (!bad_call)
       return 1;
   return 0;

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