[OFF-TOPIC] Jobs Available: 1-2 Coders, 2-3 Builders

From: Chris Grantham (casper@OPTIMA.MME.WSU.EDU)
Date: 08/29/97

Greetings all,

My name's Chris, I'm the Head Coder at EarthMUD

We're currently at the phase where we're looking for several new people
to fill some immortal positions. A little bit about our mud:

We're a fairly new mud, 100 levels, completely original zones, classes,
and races. The concept is UNIQUE. Please contact me for more

We'll be accepting one or two coders, and up to 3 builders at this point
in time.

Coders-Shell access when a relationship is established. Level 96 (out of
100. 80 is the lowest IMM)

Builders-OasisOLC, with modifications and Improved Edit.

I expect these positions to go fast, so reply ASAP to ME ONLY. Please
don't bother the list and the hundreds of other people who don't give a
flip about the jobs. Thanks!

Chris Grantham
Head Coder
mud.assassination.org 2001


I'm currently working on an Air Travel system for the Mud, I was
wondering is there a stock function out there to automatically close and
lock doors (Ie.. shut the airplane so no one stowsaway) after say.. 1

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