Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Debugger?

From: Jorgen Sigvardsson (di5sig@CSE.HKS.SE)
Date: 08/31/97

> On Fri, Aug 29, 1997 at 10:19:40AM -0500, Mark McArthey wrote:
> > Can someone recommend a debugger that they use?
> I found that 'ddd' for x-windows is pretty darn spiffy.  It allows you to
> "graph" the data w/ boxes and connecting lines and things.  It allows you to
> display a struct's data in one box as a unit.  Pretty slick.  Unfortunatly,
> I don't have a ftp or web address for you... been awhile since I have done a
> "debugable" programming on a computer that can handle it.
case insensitive globsearch: ddd*.rpm or ddd*.tar.gz

// Jorgen

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