[ Discussion ] [ Long? ] Inflation on the muds...

From: David Klasinc (bigwhale@CAPYBARA.SK-PTTSC.LJ.EDUS.SI)
Date: 08/31/97


 Something else crossed my mind... I have been playing only few muds...
Two if I'm precise... *giggle* (Now people will go.. whaat! he played only
twomuds and he want's to run his own... :PPP)

Anywa.. I noticed that inflation was very high on that muds... The reason
is simple.. too much money in the game... How come? Well again the

  Gizmo has 10 coins and ont he auction there is a sword for 15 coins and
a dagger for 25 coins... Gizmo is low on cash...

  Gizmo kills baby dragon and collects 3 coins... Gizmo is waiting for the
repop (We've already established few messages back, that players are
mostly killing the same mobs). Baby dragon is here again... Gizmo kills it
and get's another 3 coins... Hey! Gizmo has enought money to buy a
sword... (Now he's using a toothpick)

  Gizmo goes to the auuction and puts his toothpick on for 10 coins and
buys a sword for 15... Now Gizmo is stronger and gizmo goes and kills
Toddler Dragon, Gizmo get's 5 coins. Gizmo is waiting for repop... POP!
Gizmo kills Toddler Dragon again he get's 5 coins.. POP again 5 coins...
After a while Gizmo is again ont he uaction he collets his 10 coins from
toothpick and buys a dagger for 25. He puts sword on auction for 25 coins.
(Note the higher price.. *G*)


 After few months gizmo buys one sword on auction for 1000 coins.. and so
on... The problem is that players have more and more cash, no matter the
prices in the shops, and other things on muds... Unlimited supply of cash
is around... Mobs... How to balance this? Or make it a bit less hmm

 High level players tend to hoard the cash, buying all good equipment,
creating new charactes , giving them that good eq (If it's allowed or
not..  Face it.. You can't notice if Gizmo gives  a tiny metal sword to
one of his friends and that guys gives it to another friend and to another
and so on and so on... At the end Grumpy get's the sword and Grumpy is one
of the Gizmos characters....

 How to prevent things like this? Or at least ease them a bit... One way
is to prevent people having more than one character in the game. No matter
what... This also adds to the role playing. Add something like email
registration. Personally I think that mud which would do something like
that, I doubt I will play it, but then again I was playing BattleTech like
crazy and it required email registration befor even entering the game. I
had something different in my mind. Players would be allowed to have
unregistered characters, but only to the certain level. When players get
powerful the would need registration... Hm not puwerful... When they reach
certain level. With this you give people to try the mud and if they'll
like it they will register. (Ok, I won't go here in the discussion about
different emails and stuff...)

 Then I came up with another idea, which would be monthly tax
collecting.... More cash you have, more you have to pay... Linear equation
would suck here... Let's make it like in Denmark. (I've heard that it's
doen this way, I'mnot sure *giggle) Taxes are horrible and at one point
when you reach certain profit the state takes hmm 100% of it... You're too


Let's make it with ObCircle:

 Something that's bugging me... A spell that would create a copy of an
object? cast 'duplicate' sword and poof! You have two swords... Anyone did
this? How would be the easy way to do this? Find the VNUM of the existing
item a and reload it? Create new item witht he same stats? I think first


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