[CODE] [Off-Topic] Need C++ GURU!

From: David Eliott (ravemaniac@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/31/97

I'm compiling with C++Builder 1.0 and I've gone through the conversion,
which has not been easy because of a lot of compiler specific stuff...
But now I'm at a complete impass, and I simply dont have the level of
knowledge to fix this one.

I am currently at compiling COMM.C and I had just fixed a little problem
in WRITE_TO_Q() where it was using the variable new, which is not
allowed because it is a reserved word... so I changed them all to snew,
and then compiled... it stopped and gave me this error:

[C++ Error] sysdefs.h(214): Internal Compiler Error at 0x66e7dc with
base 0x600000.

I read the help on it, and it tells me this:
An error occurred in the internal logic of the compiler. This error
shouldn't occur in practice, but is generated in the event that a more
specific error message is not available.

So basically telling me, its my code's fault, but it doesn't know what
the problem is??

If you need any more information on the problem, then please ask me...
Otherwise, if you have any idea of how I would go about figuring out why
this is going on, please write me! I can't compile any further...

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