[code] bool/class etc etc etc...

From: David Eliott (ravemaniac@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/31/97

In my compiler, a lot of names used for variables are reserved names in
my compiler, like bool, and class, and maybe more, haven't looked
through it all yet, probably new too.

So now, I'm thinking, do I need to replace every class with classes or
something, and then have to go through the WHOLE code replacing where
class is used to classes? same thing for bool?

Bool was my first error, then I just commented the typedef char bool;
line out (probably big mistake) although what I was going to do is
change bool to boolean, and change every occurence of bool in the code
to boolean? is this a smart idea? Or is there a better way to fix my

Please let me know!

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