[code] typedef problem

From: David Eliott (ravemaniac@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/31/97

In comm.h, there is a line:

typedef RETSIGTYPE sigfunc(int);

My compiler (C++Builder 1.0) says this error:

[C++ Error] comm.h(43): , expected.

Now, I'm thinking that it doesn't like (int) being there for some
reason... which doesn't make sense to me (But then again, I dont know
much about typedef myself, that's why I'm on this list!)

If you have any ideas on how I could fix this, other then going to all
the RETSIGTYPE and making then sigfunc(int) although I can't seem to
find any of these words/terms in my help index? So what do I do now? :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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