Re: [code] typedef problem

From: Brian Gray (mandy@NETCOM.COM)
Date: 08/31/97

On Sun, 31 Aug 1997, David Eliott wrote:

> [...problems with SIGFUNC's and signal handlers in C++...]

C++ is pickier than C.  When the OS sends a signal and handles it with a
programmer-installed handler, it calls the handler and passes an int
equal to the ID of the signal that triggered it (this is so that you can
handle multiple signals with the same function).  In Circle, the handlers
are declared with a void arg list.  That's why it's complaining.  Just
put a dummy int in the prototype and you should be ok.  If you get an
unused parameter warning just put the variable in the following macro:

#define UNUSED(x) ((x)=(x))

 -- Brian

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