Re: Suggestions for bpl12

From: Crimson Wizard (cwizard@GIBLETS.COM)
Date: 09/01/97

On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, Co-Sysop wrote:

> At 03:47 AM 8/18/97 -0700, Rasdan wrote:

> >sounds in the proper location, for sale. We only intend to charge the
> >cost of the CD plus shipping and a small $2 fee.
> >
> >  Are we bound by the CircleMUD license not to do this? If so why? since
> >we are not making any profit off of CircleMUD.
> How can you say you are not making any profit off of CircleMUD.  The sounds
> are to be used with CircleMUD and that is the reason you are selling them,
> right?  Basically your making it so people have to pay to use all of the
> features of your MUD.  That would be like if I said "you can play my MUD all
> you want for free, but if you want to use spells you have to send me $10"

No, you twit.  They are sending you a CD and only charging $2, that covers
shipping and the cost of the CD, I don't see where any money is being
made.  Come on people, grow up.

[much useless shit snipped]

whois|grep YEA2|awk '{print $1}'
whois|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'
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