Autoquest BUG

From: Uffe Svanstrom (ulfs@MAIL.KAREN.HKR.SE)
Date: 09/01/97

Howdy Again !

Just fooling around with the autoquest !

Is it me or is it really bugging ?

* like when you gets a quest to KILL a mob, you dont actually have to go to
the      mob and kill it !
- just type autoquest complete and Voila ! you get your Questponits, pracs,
               and money !

* another thingy i have done 5 mobs and flagged them MOB_QUEST but it takes
  other mobs to that the questor is supposed to kill ... Wonder Why ?

*  how /where do i change the percentage of how common the Mob/object quest
   will be.. cause the OBJ quest works fine so i thought i would turn off
the             MOB quests


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