Various cool Problems !

From: Uffe Svanstrom (ulfs@MAIL.KAREN.HKR.SE)
Date: 09/01/97

Howdy fellas !!!
I am coding on something funny (i hope)
And i need some help of you gurus !!
Please read the whole mail before answering my quessys .

I have a mage that when his GET_HIT(ch) less than 50 he will load a mob and
have it fight all those who is fighting him, like:

if (get_hit(ch) <50 )

now that part is oki ...but all you folks can guess that the spec_proc will
do this if thingy every TICK until the players killed the mage, so my very
brain very fast thought, Ahhh let put in a counter there !!!

int counter;
if (get_hit(ch) <50 && counter <1)
counter = 1;

Understand my thoughts ?! how do i make so that it only will jump into this
if thingy once, ie only loads the mob once ??

Next problem is !
I have flagged the loaded mob with a couple of AFF, like sanc, charm,
no probs there
but how do i tell the loaded mob to start fight the character that fights
his master (the mage)
and also i need something like that the loaded mob will RESCUE the mage so
that  the loaded mob will take all the hits while the mage heals up a bit.

Here is the code for the mob, it is based on the CLERIC code and now i am
adding this stuffs i am talking about.

  struct char_data *vict;
  struct char_data *mob = NULL;
  int count;


  if (GET_HIT(ch) < 50)
    do_say(ch, "YOU WILL NOT GET ME ALIVE
!!!", 0, 0);
    act("\r\n$n swings his arms in a wierd gesture.", FALSE,
ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);
    act("The room is filled with a blue streaking
light.", FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);
    act("Suddenly you see a hideous
creature.", FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);

   ^^^here i wonder how do i do so that the mobs, and the characters
FREEZES like for 3 secounds so the player can read what the mage does

    mob = read_mobile(mob, 3062);  /* Insert the Stone Golem Here */

^^^ how do i change the mob .. i always get PUFF loaded ...
    i also gonna do like a player in the room counter
    so lets say that it gonna be like this
    1 character in the room figting the MAGE        = loads mob number 1
    2 character in the room figting the MAGE        = loads mob number 2
    3 character in the room figting the MAGE        = loads mob number 3
    4 character in the room figting the MAGE        = loads mob number 4

    the point of this is that the more characters that is fighting the mage
the harder is the mob to be ..

    also thinking of just putting in a Random thingy .. so it kinda have 10
mobs to choose between .. makes it
    a little more funner  the 3rd time you kill him !!

    char_to_room(mob, ch->in_room);

    add_follower(mob, ch);

^^^^ i tried to get the mob to fight the mages enemy

    count = count +1;

^^^^ my counter .. i first tried count = 1, but nah work


Hmm wery thankfull for help.
i know i had more questions about this ... but ofcourse i have forgotten
them ...
it will come next time !

/Uffe "the Lonely coder at Shades Of Life"

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