Re: Various cool Problems !

From: Uffe Svanstrom (ulfs@MAIL.KAREN.HKR.SE)
Date: 09/02/97

>> now that part is oki ...but all you folks can guess that the spec_proc will
>> do this if thingy every TICK until the players killed the mage, so my very
>> sharp
>> brain very fast thought, Ahhh let put in a counter there !!!
>> like
>> int counter;
>> ~~~cut
>> if (get_hit(ch) <50 && counter <1)
   and here i load in the mob
>> counter = 1;
then i  set counter = 1 so it wont go into this if the next time ??

>> Understand my thoughts ?! how do i make so that it only will jump into this
>> if thingy once, ie only loads the mob once ??
>Just make a char flag that is set when the mob is loaded, if this flag is
>set, don't load:

hmm, feels like stoopid to do a new flag for just this thing
aint there a way to do the counter
so if counter = 1 it wont do it ?

>> Next problem is !
>> I have flagged the loaded mob with a couple of AFF, like sanc, charm,
>> no probs there
>> but how do i tell the loaded mob to start fight the character that fights
>> his master (the mage)
>> and also i need something like that the loaded mob will RESCUE the mage so
>> that  the loaded mob will take all the hits while the mage heals up a bit.
>  if (FIGHTING(ch))
>    hit(vict, FIGHTING(ch), TYPE_UNDEFINED);

but this dosnt solve the RESCUE of the mage
just like the skill RESCUE, the stone golem should do a RESCUE MAGE thingy ?

>>     mob = read_mobile(mob, 3062);  /* Insert the Stone Golem Here */
>> ^^^ how do i change the mob .. i always get PUFF loaded ...
>read_mobile requires two different arguments, the first being the number
>of the mob (either real or vnum), and the second telling it what type of
>mob to load (VIRTUAL or REAL).

Whoooa , now you lost me ( Darn)
i have tried to change those numbers but i still gets the little puff  when
it loads up , and i sure wonder why !
the first being the number of the mob , do you mean the text "mob"
if i change it to a number the mud kinda crash.
and the secound , yepps i have changed it to but i still get puff loaded !


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