Re: Suggestions for bpl12

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/01/97

On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, Rasdan wrote:

-+I have no intention of making profit off of CircleMUD via these sound
-+CDs. They can be downloaded at will, the idea was merely to be a
-+convenience for people that don't want to spend a couple of hours
-+downloading. They are not, by any means at all, required to be able to
-+play the game.

I don't think selling something (ie., sounds) that your MUD uses is
against the law; well, naturally, it can't be, unless it's a part of
CircleMUD.  In other words, the license only applies to CircleMUD,
and any part of CircleMUD; but since the sounds are not technically
a part of CircleMUD and don't (shouldn't?) include any parts of
CircleMUD; you can sell the sounds quite legally, whether or not they
are made availible for free download.  Provided that you can play the
MUD without the sounds.  If the sounds/etc. were absolutely required
for playing the game, I think there could be some argument as to
whether or not that is legal.  Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as
selling coffee mugs or t-shirts with your MUD's logo and telnet address
on it.

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