[CODE] 'variable' is assigned a value that is never used...

From: David Eliott (ravemaniac@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 09/01/97

Ok, I'm trying to clean out the 763 warnings that I have when my mud
compiles under c++ :) They are mostly THREE error messages that I can't
seem to get rid of...

- 'Variable' is assigned a value that is never used.

This one, I've fixed in many places, but in some I dont want to take out
the initialization of the variable (ex. setting to = 0 to make sure its
clear) and I've already removed the = 0 on a bunch of them in db.c, now
is this a bad thing I did? or should I use the UNUSED(x) macro for most
of them, just to make sure they are init?

- Conversion may lose signifigant digits.

Now I have TONS of these... like 40% of them are these... I dont know
how to fix them, since these conversions were being done in C, and NEED
to be done for the code to work. It says that the program might have bad
results, but since we KNOW that these conversions were being done in C
with no problem, should they need be changed in C++? just to make sure
everything works ok? Maybe this could make CircleMUD a little more
stable? dunno...

- Possibly incorect assignment.

This is the one that shows up the most in the code, 50% probably. And I
know how to fix this, but I can't do it everywhere... The Help Index
tells me that I should do ((x = x) != 0) to all (x = x) because it makes
sure that the end result is ok! But this is not doable for some code, or
at least, I dont think so... If you think I should change this like
that, in the help index, let me know...

Well, that's all the MAJOR stuff I have problems with... Remember that
the MUD runs! It does compile and link, and these are only WARNINGS. I
just want to have clean code, that's all :)

Thanks for any help, in advance.

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